Just consider for a moment what it means to serve in the military:

  • Bombing, invading, and occupying countries that posed no threat to the United States
  • Fighting unjust wars
  • Making widows and orphans
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  • Fighting unnecessary wars
  • Destroying foreign industry, infrastructure, and culture
  • Fighting undeclared wars
  • Engage in state-sponsored terrorism
  • Fighting senseless wars
  • Being part of the president’s personal attack force
  • Fighting immoral wars
  • Maiming and killing foreigners who were no threat to any American

By not serving in the military, I did not have to:

  • Engage in offense while calling it defense
  • Kill a civilian and call it collateral damage
  • Practice military values of profanity, promiscuity, and pornography
  • Be an accomplice to murder
  • Blindly follow orders
  • Experience PTSD because I had serious doubts about the justness of what I was doing
  • Put my family through unnecessary hardship
  • Help to carry out an evil, reckless, and interventionist U.S. foreign policy
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  • Die in vain and for a lie

Credit Laurence Vance for these thoughts.