Shaving Soaps

Thursday 17 August 2017 kl. 11:03

Here are soaps I’ve been using or tried with comments:

  • Doctor Jons Hydra and Anne Bonie: These are both excellent. They are vegan without tallow but they lather up well. They are very soft (close to cream) so I have best results putting the soap in my lathering bowl with my thumb and finger and then lathering directly.
  • Stirling Soap: Great soap that lathers well. The scents are just killer. Pharaoh’s Dreamsycle is my current favorite. Also like Sandpiper. Post shave is a bit sticky.
  • Catie’s Bubbles: Only tried the scent, Ocean Grove. It is mild. Lather is good but can be over hydrated easily. Post shave is good but not as good as Doc Jons.
  • Barrister & Mann: Just recently received Latha Sandalwood. It is wonderful. Very easy to lather and post shave is very good.
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Early Music Stores

Thursday 06 July 2017 kl. 15:49

Here are some places to get good recorders and music:

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Good Olive Oil

Monday 22 May 2017 kl. 15:19

According to this article:

– California Olive Ranch
– Cobram Estate
– Lucini
– Kirkland Organic
– Lucero (Ascolano)
– McEvoy Ranch Organic
– Bariani Olive Oil
– Corto Olive
– Ottavio
– Omaggio
– Olea Estates 100% extra virgin olive oil

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