More on Liposomal C

Friday 23 October 2015 kl. 13:52

I’ve discussed this before. Tom Levy’s web site has a good discussion. However you notice that he thinks you cannot make it at home effectively.

This site suggests that you can.


Open Source Photography

Thursday 22 October 2015 kl. 13:57

Discovered this pro who has a web site and uses 100% open source software for his photography: Riley Brandt

Also discovered this Flickr group: Open Source Photography


CNN Debate

Thursday 17 September 2015 kl. 08:54

Here’s a few thoughts on the candidates from last night’s debate in no particular order.

  • Trump: He and Carson sounded the most non-scripted. Or perhaps running by their own script (very much outsiders). I liked what he said about the Iraq invasion of 2003 (it was a disaster) and I liked that he said he didn’t currently feel secure (because of W’s wars). Also high marks for raising vaccine skepticism.
  • Carson: He certainly came across with a lot of poise and quiet assurance. I was impressed that he said he had counseled W Bush to not invade Iraq. However, he is calling for a bigger defense budget. Someone needs to show him what the current one is (greater than all other countries combined)! It’s comments like this that make me think he is still trying to be attractive to the big conservative campaign contributors.
  • Rand Paul: It was the most I’ve heard him sound like his dad. But he’s been so all over the map on his positions that it’s very hard to have any confidence in him. His strategy to appeal to the mainstream Republicans and keep his father’s base has completely failed.
  • Rubio: The most total neocon shill of all of them. This comment was the most hilarious of the night: Gangster in Moscow trying to divide NATO.
  • Fiorina: Not impressed. Nothing much distinct about her. I thought Trump’s criticism of her time at HP had some teeth to it.
  • Cruz: Comments on Supreme Court and nominees caught some of my attention.
  • Jeb: Wimpy. But the most interesting comment was that everyone up there besides Trump had some connection to foreign policy people of Bush 41 and Bush 42. Yes, that’s right. That’s the influence of the Neoconservatives on display.
  • Walker: Reference to his work in Wisconsin was important. But I know his foreign policy views are neocon dominated as well.
  • Kasich: Don’t know much about him but his reference to his past experience creating jobs sounding intriguing.
  • Huckabee: Mostly forgettable. I don’t remember anything significant that he said.
  • Christie: Very patriotic and moved by 9/11 but this seems to make him very eager for more war.
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