Recorder Debut

Saturday 04 April 2015 kl. 19:10

When I was in music school, I think it was my junior year, at times I would hit the doldrums for practicing my instrument which was classical guitar. This particular year I took up the recorder as a way to bust out of it. It worked and I fell love with the recorder. There are similarities actually. Both guitar and recorder require lots of finger dexterity with odd hand/finger positions. They are both easy to play at first but take work to really master and play well. My teacher who was an early music specialist (played both baroque and renaissance lute) decided to start an early music ensemble at our school and I played some recorder in that group.

Thanks to my wonderful wife, I received my first wooden recorder as a Christmas gift this year. It is a Huber (made in Switzerland). It’s style is a cross between baroque and modern. It blows hard and has a loud but sweet sound. Perfect for solo and ensemble performance.

This video is of the performance for the prelude to our Good Friday service at our church. The continuo is played by our music director. It really worked out well having organ as accompaniment. I was a bit shaky and I had some noticeable bloopers but overall I am satisfied. I really love the sound of this instrument and playing it is pure joy. I hope we have some more opportunities in the future.


Modern Progressive Rock

Wednesday 04 February 2015 kl. 08:58

Just finished listening to this episode of the Tom Woods show which gives an overview of recent recordings by new "Progressive Rock" groups. Woods is a fan of Yes and so I always expect that what they mean by Progressive Rock is related to Yes in some way or a descendant of Yes in it's style. However, I think the phrase refers to FM music of the 70's and so not all the music is interesting to me. But I am intrigued enough to take a listen.

In this podcast I am particularly interested in Big Big Train and so I will try to listen to some of their music and perhaps provide some of my own reactions to it in the future.

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Residential VOIP Providers

Thursday 15 January 2015 kl. 10:31

We got rid of our land line some time ago. But I would still like to have a phone at home. So I've been looking at VOIP providers. I started a subscription with Vonage but these guys are way too expensive. Here are some others I'm considering. List will be ongoing.

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